CK3 Console Commands and Cheats List

word-image-10830 Crusader Kings 3 console controls and cheats are useful tools for those who need extra help at the beginning of the game. They’re also ideal if you want to get around the chaos in the game, or if you dream of becoming a Byzantine emperor and getting the whole world on a silver (or in this case, purple) platter. There are a number of commands and cheats for the CK3 console, and also some very useful options that are part of the game’s debug mode. But to magically rid the AI of its titles, you first need to know how to activate the console. word-image-10831 

Many people ask me for the console commands and cheats for the latest and greatest games, so I decided to put together a comprehensive list of the most widely used and most useful console commands for various games. I’ll keep it updated as I discover new ones so you can always be up-to-date.

This is a console commands and cheats list for the Console Kit, a mod of the game Minecraft. It is mostly intended for use with 1.8.3 versions of the game, but is useful for all modded Minecraft games. If you would like a different version (1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, etc), or some of the commands have been changed, please see the “CHANGELOG” file.

If you have played previous games on the Clausewitz engine, such as. B. Emperor: Rome, you should already know how to access the Crusader Kings 3 console. In Steam, right-click on the game in your library, select Properties, and add -debug_mode to the dialog box under Launch Options. Windows users can also simply create a shortcut, right-click on it, select Properties, and add debug_mode next to the text in the Target field. If you have followed the steps above, you should be able to access the CK3 console by pressing the tilde (`) key. Before we dive into CK3’s table of controls and console cheats, it’s worth noting that the game’s debug mode enables certain actions with the press of a button. Just below the console you’ll find several buttons, including buttons to turn the AI on or off, Yesmen (the AI always responds with yes or no), kill your current character, and buttons to gain/lose prestige, divinity, and gold. When the console is activated, a simple right-click on a character on the map provides access to various debugging features that facilitate control of the character. Here’s what you can do:

  • Quick conclusion
  • To make you hate me.
  • Make love to me.
  • Acquisition of rights and vassals
  • Add to dish
  • Bringing secrets to justice
  • Establishing secrets throughout the kingdom
  • Add a weak hook
  • Addition of a stable hook
  • Giving weight to the sign
  • Removing the weight of a character
  • Do what I do.
  • Don’t love me.
  • Art and craft enthusiasts
  • Compare
  • Friend
  • Learn the secrets
  • Deciphering Known Secrets
  • Take the title
  • received request
  • Starting a natural crusade
  • The launch of the Great Holy War

If these interactions aren’t enough or you want more tweaks, below is a long list of console controls and cheats for Crusader Kings 3 that might be useful:

  • tutorial.enable [gamestate/global/all (default: global)] – Enables the tutorial.
  • tutorial.disable [gamestate/global/all (default: global)] – Disables the tutorial.
  • tutorial.debugwindow – Displays the tutorial debugwindow
  • event [eventid] [character] – Starts an event for a character.
  • debug_event [eventid] [character] – Trigger an event for a character. An event trigger is also issued, but this can lead to false error log triggers.
  • test_event [eventid] [character] – Tests if an event can be triggered for a character. An event trigger is also displayed on the console, but this can result in incorrect error logging.
  • discover_innovation(add_innovation) – Discovering Innovation for Character Culture
  • discover_fascination(add_fascination) [character (optional)] – Discover the innovation that is currently captivating the character’s culture.
  • join_era(unlock_era) [era] [character (optional)] – add a specific era (and all previous ones).
  • discover_era [epoch (optional, default value is current epoch)] [symbol (optional)] – Finds all innovations of a given epoch (and the epoch itself).
  • discover_all_eras [Symbol (optional)] – Discover all eras and innovations.
  • set_faith] [character (optional)] – sets the faith of the character.
  • dynasty_prestige [amount (optional, default: 1000)] [dynasty ID (optional, default: player dynasty)] – adds prestige to this dynasty.
  • gain_all_dynasty_perks [character (optional)] – Gives all privileges to the dynasty (by default, the dynasty of the current character).
  • log_missing_game_concept_loc – log all game concepts for which no location key has been set
  • kill(die) [character (optional)] – kill a character (by default, the current playable character).
  • gain_all_perks [character (optional)] – Gives the character (by default the current game character) all permissions.
  • add_perk [perk] [character(optional)] – Gives the character (by default the current playable character) a specific perk.
  • instant_birth – Determines whether babies should be born immediately or normally.
  • AI.declare_war [symbol (optional)] – Causes the AI to declare war (with normal weighting), regardless of tempo checks, etc.
  • generate_cadet_coa [character (optional)] – Create a CoA for this character as if he were a cadet of his dynasty.
  • add_doctrine [doctrine] [belief(optional)] – Adds the specified doctrine to the belief.
  • remove_doctrine [doctrine] [belief(optional)] – Removes the specified doctrine from the belief.
  • add_realm_law [law] [character(optional)] – adds an imperial law.
  • add_realm_law_skip_effects [law] [character(optional)] – adds the realm law, the cost of skipping, the effect of passing, and the effect of skipping the current law.
  • set_culture [culture] [character(optional)] – Sets the culture of the character.
  • change_before [amount(optional)] [belief(optional)] – change the amount of belief.
  • add_secret [type] [target(optional)] [character(optional)] – Give the character (by default, the current playable character) a specific secret.
  • change_development_level [amount] [county_id (optional)] – Change the development level of the county, by default it is the capital.
  • faction_spawn [faction_type] – creates a faction of the given type.
  • faction_discontent [faction_type] [discontent_value]-determines the discontent of the first faction of the given type.
  • faction_demand [faction_type] – The first faction of the given type to send its request.
  • dump_pool_stats – Dumps the pool statistics into the logs/pool_stats.csv file.
  • dump_character_creation_stats – dumps the statistics of the pool into the file ‘logs/character_creation_stats.csv’.
  • fast_tick – faster tapping (lower framerate)
  • instamove(quickmove) – units move one province per day
  • supress_messages – allows you to specify whether all messages (toasts/notifications) should be deleted.
  • force_save_compression – enables compression of backups.
  • dump_bookmark_portraits – saves portrait data for all bookmarks at current date
  • print_ai_timings – Print profile data via AI
  • Portrait.ClearCache – Clears the portrait cache. Update of all portraits
  • portrait_editor(pe) – Open the portrait editor
  • spawnentity [entity name] [state (optional)] – creates the specified entity at the cursor position.
  • clearspawnedentities – removes entities created by the spawnentity command.
  • MapObjects.GenerateGameLocators [type] ]filename (optional)] – Generates locators for objects in the game map.
  • MapObjects.Debug – Provides debugging information about the map object.
  • Camera.Debug – printing of error detection information on the camera
  • Camera.Save – Save the camera position
  • Camera.Load – Loading the camera position
  • Map.SavePNG [map mode] [file name] [yes/no Should be rendered flat (optional)] – Saves a map as a png with the specified color mode.
  • Adjacencies.Rebuild – rebuilds all adjacencies
  • spawnline [stringname] [startposition ‘x,y,z’ (no spaces)] [endposition x,y,z (no spaces)]> – Generates the given string between two positions.
  • Clearlines – Clear lines
  • SplineNetwork.GenerateAssets – undefined
  • shader_debug – Undefined
  • compound node editor – editor for compound nodes
  • particleeditor – particle node editor
  • script_docs(script_documentation) – prints the script documentation
  • settings – Calls the settings GUI
  • screenshot – take a screenshot
  • tweak – invokes the Tweaker GUI
  • texture viewer
  • texturelist – list of textures
  • tools.skins – Skin Editor
  • 3dstats – viewing 3D statistics
  • audio.list_events – List of audio events
  • audio.play_event [audio-event] – Plays the audio event.
  • audio.cpu_info – Displays the current processor load.
  • vsync – switches the main swap chains to vsync mode
  • gfx.reloadtexture – Reload textures
  • rendertype – specifies which render backend is used
  • Threading.TaskThreadCount [Number of task threads] – Sets or gets the number of threads in the task.
  • CrashReporter.SimulateCrash – simulates a crash (forces you to leave the game).
  • CrashReporter.DeleteCrashData – deletes local crash data dumps older than X days.
  • – Selection of the active gfx skin
  • Dockables.Create [docking object name] – Creates a docking object.
  • Dockables.CreateLayout [Dock Layout Name] – Create a dock layout.
  • gui_editor – Calls the GUI editor
  • DumpDataTypes – Reset registered data types
  • map_editor – Change of map editor
  • Music.StopTrack – stops the currently playing track.
  • Music.Weight – Displays or sets the current weight of the stereo system.
  • Music.PlayTrack [track name] – plays the specified track.
  • Music.Reset – Reset the music system
  • Debug.Achievements.ResetAll – locks all achievements again.
  • explorer – Displays the object explorer window
  • add_lifestyle_xp_all [amount(optional)] [character(optional)] – Add xp to all lifestyles.
  • add_diplomacy_lifestyle_xp [amount(optional)] [character(optional)] – Adds xp to a specific lifestyle.
  • add_martial_lifestyle_xp [amount(optional)] [character(optional)] – Adds xp to a specific lifestyle.
  • add_stewardship_lifestyle_xp [amount(optional)] [character(optional)] – adds xp to a specific lifestyle.
  • add_intrigue_lifestyle_xp [amount(optional)] [character(optional)] – Adds xp to a particular lifestyle.
  • add_learning_lifestyle_xp [amount(optional)[ [character(optional)] – Adds xp to a specific lifestyle.
  • switchlanguage [language name] – Reloads localization files and switches language
  • reload [filename] – assets
  • Time – What time is it?
  • minidump [file path] – Create a minidump
  • crash – call a program crash
  • debug_mode – Switch to debug mode
  • release_mode – Switch to release mode
  • GUI.CreateWidget(gui_test,test_gui) [filename] [widgetname] – Create a dummy widget. With 0 arguments, the filename is gui/debug/test_gui.gui and the widget name is test_window.
  • GUI.ClearWidgets – remove the dummy widget
  • helplog – sends all console commands to the game.log file.
  • help [command name] – Lists all commands in the console or a description of a specific command.
  • helphelp – Help with the game Double Rainbow.
  • version – prints the version in the console and in the game log.
  • tick_day [number of days] – Check an arbitrary number of days.
  • Newspaper statistics
  • load [filename] – Loads the game status of a saved game to disk.
  • test_save – Backup and backup load test
  • save [file name] – Saves the current state of the game to disk.
  • recalculate_modifiers [{if the argument is specified, ALL modifiers are recalculated}] – Recalculate modifiers
  • effect [{effect script}] – Performs the effect
  • run [{effect file}] – Executes the effect file in /run
  • trigger [{trigger script}] – Test trigger script
  • chat [message] – send a message in the chat room
  • play [character ID] – changes the playable character.
  • observe(ob) – Start observing the game
  • hello [character ID] – displays the character
  • hello_history [story character ID] – Displays the story character.
  • show_title [title tag] – Displays the title.
  • find_title [title name] – Search title
  • select_province [province-ID] – select province
  • change_culture [province-ID] [culture] – Changes the culture of the district.
  • merge_culture [from culture] [to culture] – Merges all districts of a culture into another culture.
  • Gold (Silver, Paste) [Amount] – Add Gold
  • add_piety(piety) [amount] – add piety
  • add_prestige(prestige) [amount] – add prestige
  • give_title(gt) [name] [character id (optional, default is player)] – Give a name to the specified character.
  • add_claim(ac) [Character ID (optional, defaults to player)] [Title] – Entitles the character to a title.
  • age() [age] [character ID] – Adds the age to the current age
  • historical_id(hist) [Character ID] – indicates the historical ID of the character.
  • add_trait(at) [property] [character ID (optional, otherwise applies to the player character)] – adds a character property.
  • set_sexuality] [character ID (optional, applies differently to the player’s character)] – sets the sexuality of the character.
  • secret_info(si) [character ID (optional)] – Displays information about all secrets involving this character.
  • remove_trait(rt) [property] [ID of character (optional, applies otherwise to character of player)] – Removes a property of the character.
  • pregnancy(child_birth,impregnate) [id of mother] [id of father (0 or empty if there is no father)] [immediate birth (yes/no)] – makes the character pregnant
  • redraw_coa – Redraw coats of arms
  • yesmen(yesman,debug_yesmen,ym) – The AI will always answer yes to all questions of the day.
  • nomen(noman,debug_nomen,nm) – The AI will always say no to everything during the day
  • watch(ww) – Turns on the viewport
  • aiwatch – Activation of ai watch windows
  • ai_war_coordinator_watch – Activate the AI war coordinator watch window
  • loading_screen(ls) – Stops at the next loading screen
  • error – show the error in the logbook
  • test_message [type] [char_id/title_key/goto province_id] – Send a test message
  • gamelog – Show the log of the game
  • know_charts – recognizes all patterns directed at the player
  • end_schemes – Closes all schemas for the player
  • scripted_tests [pattern (optional)] – Running tests with scripts
  • force_oos – Force OoS
  • event_queue – Print the error detection event queue
  • event_counts – Returns the number of debugging events
  • spawn_combat_army [scenario] [combat side] – generates the attacking or defending side in a combat scenario.
  • combat [scenario] – Test a combat scenario
  • combat_test [scenario] [iterations] – Test a saved combat scenario.
  • charinfo – Enables the visibility of debug information about symbols.
  • print_randomlog – Print the current random log.
  • oos_dump – Resets the OOS information.
  • output_terrain – Produces the terrain file for the county.
  • tick_development [number of ticks] – marks the development time for X ticks.
  • players – list of all players on the server
  • Kick [player name]: kicks the player whose name is given.
  • add_relation [relation name] [char01] [char02] – Adds the registered relation.
  • remove_relation [relationship name] [char01] [char02] – Removes the relationship written in the script.
  • add_stress [stress] [character-id (optional)] – Adds a value to an existing stress.
  • simulate_child_skills [age] [character id (optional)] [iterations] – resets all basic skills and simulates the growth to a certain age of the character (changes the age).
  • set_stress [stress] [character ID (optional)] – Changes the stress value
  • add_dread [Dread] [Character ID (optional)] – Add a value to an existing dread.
  • set_dread [dread] [character ID (optional)] – Changes the dread to a value.
  • set_focus [focus] ]character] – Sets the focus for the character.
  • add_maa [type MAA] [character] [banner_index] – Adds a regiment of armed men to the character.
  • clear(clr) – Clears the console.
  • recalculate_succession [character ID] – recalculates the character string.
  • AI.Enable [Character ID] – Enables AI characters.
  • AI.Disable [Character ID] – Disables the AI of the character.
  • set_diplomacy [value] [character (optional)] – sets the diplomacy of the character.
  • set_martial [value] [character (optional)] – Sets the martial character.
  • set_stewardship [value] [symbol (optional)] – sets the symbol check
  • set_intrigue [value] [character (optional)] – sets the character plot.
  • set_learning [value] [symbol (optional)] – sets symbol learning.
  • set_prowess [value] [character (optional)] – Sets the character size.
  • change_diplomacy [value] [character (optional)] – Change the diplomacy of the character.
  • change_martial [value] [symbol (optional)] – change the martial symbol
  • change_stewardship [value] [character (optional)] – change character control
  • change_plot [value] [character (optional)] – change the plot of the character.
  • change_learning [value] [character (optional)] – change the formation of the character
  • change_prowess [value] [character (optional)] – Change the skill of the character.
  • clear_traits [character (optional)] – Removes all character traits.
  • clear_character_modifiers [symbol (optional)] – Removes all character modifiers.
  • set_nick(set_nickname) [nick_key] [character (optional)] – Sets the given alias to a character
  • remove_nick(remove_nickname) [character (optional)] – Removes the nickname of a character.
  • timer – Produces error detection information over time.
  • timer_start – Start the debug timer
  • timer_restart – Restart the debug timer (reset and start)
  • timer_reset – Resets the debug timer
  • timer_stop – Stops the debugging synchronization
  • timer_dump – Reset debugging timing information
  • Ct – Puts timer information in the clipboard
  • instabuild(quickbuild) – players build objects instantly
  • verify_ai_path – check the path of the AI unit

Since console controls and Crusader Kings III cheats have already been covered, you should also check out our articles on start and end dates and the map. Follow video game news on Twitter , watch our videos on YouTube, like us on Facebook and join us on Discord. We may also include links to affiliated stores, which will earn us a small commission if you make a purchase through them. Thank you.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you cheat in CK3?

We all love to cheat. No, we aren’t talking about the affair kind of cheating; we are talking about the gaming kind. In games such as Civilization V, you can cheat your way to an easy win by setting up a computer to automate a lot of the dirty work. While we thought that you love to play Pokemon, we have got news for you ! In this website you will find the most effective and easiest way to cheat in Pokemon.  For this website we made a cheat table, which consist of a list of all the different cheat codes available for the game.  There is a special menus for you to enter the cheat codes for the games.  And if you are interested in knowing more about the cheats, we have provided the complete list of commands in the table.

How do I use console commands in CK3?

You can use console commands in CK3, to do things like open the console, play music, save/load to file, or even skip objectives. I will not be covering these commands in this post, as it would take up too many space, and this is just a quick-start guide to get you into the console. The following are some of the most useful console commands and cheats for Civilization V.  For a list of all console commands and cheats affecting the game, please refer to the Civilization V wiki.  The list of console commands is also available on the Civilization V wiki.

How do I find my dynasty ID CK3?

I can remember the days when I was getting up at 4AM to play a game and fifty people were online, and I would have to wait to play. Now with the Google Chrome Cast, I can use my smartphone or tablet as the controller, and play from bed in comfort. I was able to do the same thing when I found out about the Google Cast (2nd generation) version (which is a little more expensive than the original but it has way more features) and I was able to play games like “Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends” at my leisure. The Colossus King 3, or CK3, is a platform released by the console manufacturer Sony in 2002. Like the PlayStation 2, it is a hand-held console with a built-in memory of 512 MB. The device has a built-in DVD player and a network functionality. The console played full-motion video games, which can be played on the device with the use of a special memory card.

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